SECTSEE Intro Video

SECTSEE Surgical Retractor Operational Guideline

The following guideline has been provided as a recommendation based on  actual clinical experience.  Practical education and the appropriate surgical training are prerequisites to using the SECTSEE surgical retractor.  Its use by anyone who is not properly trained and appropriately licensed is prohibited.

  1. Make your preferred mini-incision to expose the transverse carpal ligament (T.C.L.).
  1. Insert your self-retaining retractor (Heiss / Cricket / helpful assistant).
  1. Develop the supraretinacular tunnel proximally using the short blade of the SECTSEE and with spreading scissor dissection.
  1. Turn SECTSEE over and confirm that the longer blade fully seats within the prepared supraretinacular tunnel.
  1. Withdraw and reposition the long blade of the SECTSEE retractor, placing the toe of the retractor on the proximal aspect of the exposed T.C.L. and angling the shaft of the retractor ~30° to the plane of the forearm. (see picture below)

Initiate the release of the T.C.L. centrally with a #15 or Beaver blade, then slowly advance the toe of the long blade proximally while progressively releasing the T.C.L. in a trailing manner with either scissors or retinaculotome.

Work your way proximally until fully released to the distal forearm fascia. The procedure is concluded by finally releasing distally and allowing the deep palmar fat to enter the wound.

SECTSEE Instructional Video